MAPA takes a Change in Direction


MAPA takes a Change in Direction

I hear reports that the Mid Atlantic Parking Association has taken a change in direction. After holding a number of extremely successful training programs, they have elected to forgo their "annual convention" and replace it with a number of training sessions for members throughout the year.

What with sponsors and income from attendees, they find that they make up to three times the amount of money they make on the convention, plus they feel they provide a better service to their members.

I think this is terrific. Having a "convention" often becomes a way to support the egos of members of organizations.  Its difficult to mount, and frankly, many of the training and information sharing aspects of the event get mixed in with lunches, dinners, receptions, golf tournaments and the like.  Here’s a way that a regional group can really put on something with content and support their membership.

In addition, members can afford to take a day off for training, whereas taking three days in at the beach can be costly in time and money.

Good idea MAPA.  Any other takers out there.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. I had the opportunity to set up a class and teach some of my customers and prospects during MAPA’s training session in Baltimore a couple of years ago. The turnout was great, and MAPA coordinated it so that people could be trained on 2-3 different types of equipment or topics during that day. It would be especially good for consultants to attend.

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