Marc Pens a Book


Marc Pens a Book

I received the following from Marc Slavin, President of DC’s Marcpark. Seems he has written a book. I immediately ordered it and will let you know what I think.


After spending over 40 years in the parking industry, gaining a wealth of knowledge and making a bunch of mistakes along the way, the time seemed perfect to compile my experiences.  I am proud to announce that I have authored my first book, Parking CarsParking Cars is not only about the parking industry, but also about my first hand experiences, relationships and great people that have been a part of my life.    I tried to make it fun and at the same time provide some tips to teach young people that working hard, keeping your word and doing the right thing will ultimately bring you success.   It is a short read.  Have fun and don’t hesitate sending me your comments or post them on Amazon please.     Please click this link Parking Cars by Marc Slavinto purchase my book.

I have  put off writing my ‘great American novel.” Its great to hear someone else actually did it.

All the best, Marc




John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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