Marcy Sparrow Heads Parking Industry Expo


Marcy Sparrow Heads Parking Industry Expo

Parking Today Sales Director Marcy Sparrow has found another task on her plate. PT Publisher John Van Horn has named her to head the Parking Industry Expo to be held in March, 2020 in San Diego. “When you have a task to be accomplished, you give it to the most successful and busiest person in your company. And Marcy is that person,” Said JVH.

With a new title of “Director of Parking Industry Expo and Sales”, Marcy will lead a wide-ranging team of professionals to make PIE 2020 the largest and most successful event in the company’s history.

“My goal is to involve everyone at Parking Today Media in the project,” says Sparrow. “We have one group focusing on catering, another on the expo, AV, and the web site, a third on seminars and our awards event. By involving a large group, we will have a more successful event. I plan to meet with all the teams regularly to share successes and problems.”

“We just met with the team at the San Diego Convention Center and with hotels nearby. This area is fabulous. We are rethinking our schedule, so attendees and exhibitors will have time to visit the myriad of restaurants, clubs, and other venues within less than a block’s stroll from the exhibit hall. The weather will be in the high 60’s, the views world class in this most livable city in the US.”

“We have already sold over 1/3 of the exhibit hall and we haven’t even begun to advertise sales. I expect a 25% increase in the size of the exhibit hall floor, and this means a bigger and better show for attendees. Our theme this year is “The Parking Experience” and will focus on helping the industry make parking a better experience for those actually using our product, the parkers.”

Marcy Sparrow has been at Parking Today for 13 years and is credited with growing the company and bringing its advertising and marketing tools to an entire industry. “Marcy is one of the best-known names, at least to the companies that supply goods and services to the Parking Industry,” says Van Horn. “She brings competence, knowledge, and a certain joie de vivre to any task she’s assigned. I have no doubt she will lead PIE to new successes in the years to come.”

The PIE website will be on line by June 1 and can be reached through



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