Maybe the Euros have the right idea


Maybe the Euros have the right idea

I mean, except for the stores, restaurants, and movies, business is simply not happening. It’s the time between Christmas and New Years and everyone is putting off everything until after the New Year’s Holiday. Why do we come in to work anyway?

I walked down the hall and people are sitting in offices drinking coffee and chatting, about everything but work. Phones aren’t ringing. Faxes are quiet (well who sends faxes anyway). I can’t even find news about parking to bring forth some hot ideas for the blog. Andy is the smart one; he took the next couple of days off and is out seeing friends and checking out schools for daughter, Shing. She will be entering Kindergarten next fall and e wants to be sure it’s the best. Boy, when I went to school you just went down the street and started classes. Now parents shop for schools and ensure their kids are in the best.

If I still worked from home, I would take the dog for a long walk, pick up my latest copy of Nero Wolfe, and call it a done day.

In the UK, the world shuts down from about December 15 to January 6. People are off. Nothing is happening. They formalize the holiday. Here we just punt.

Its 9:30 – Is it time to go home yet? Did I bring Nero with me?


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. As the boss, you could do something about this:
    1. Allow pets at work (with reasonable rules). Maybe you could all go for walks together.
    2. Give everyone as much time off in December as you choose.

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