Mechanical Meters in Norwalk


Mechanical Meters in Norwalk

In a money saving effort, the city of Norwalk, CT, has reinstalled mechanical meters in an area that previously didn’t have the beasts. According to Bill Phillips over at Meter Products who is refurbishing and setting the rates on these suckers, all is going well. The cost to the city is about $3000 VS $48000 for new solid state units. Read all about it in the Stamford Advocate, here

Laz Parking and its man on the scene Frank del Monico are overseeing the parking operations for the city.

Some in the city feel that the new P and D machines that replaced the meters in a different area aren’t as reliable as the old wind up units. Seems that in the winter, the new units have some problems with bill acceptors. Frank says that the problem was software related and "the usual initial challenges."

Go for it Norwalk


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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