Melee at Seattle Garage


Melee at Seattle Garage

50 people got into a fight at a Seattle Garage after a car full of women tried to exit "first" ahead of a car of men. The men got out of the car and pulled one of the women out of the car. In the ensuing fight, joined by about 50 bystanders, one women was stabbed in the stomach (not seriously hurt) and one man arrested for assault. Read about it here, if you want a laugh.

See what happens when males, who have been forced to rethink their manners around women, forget the adage "ladies first."

A healthy dose of Chauvinism would have kept the men in their car. I guess that being equal now means you have to be able to take a punch.

Just a bit more on this equality stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it. The best person for the job should get it. However there are some caveats…

First, I don’t care what anyone says, women are wired differently than men. They have certain skills men don’t have, the ability to multi task, for instance, and men seem to be better able to focus on a particular goal and keep the target in sight, forsaking all else. – I guess I would rather have a woman flying my 747, but a man flying my F 16. — Don’t start, there are exceptions to these statements, of course, but they prove the rule.

Second — Equality isn’t just for giving one a level playing field. You may have an equal chance to succeed, but you also have an equal chance to fail. A sex or a skin color isn’t equal until they have an unbiased ability to succeed, but also an unbiased chance to fail, all on their own.

Life is full of winners and losers, of both sexes and all colors. Its funny that way. That good ole law of unintended consequences kicks in when it doesn’t go both ways. An example of this is lowering standards for college admission for one group or another. They get into to college, but then don’t graduate. If they had gone to a different school, a better fit for their qualifications,  they probably would have graduated. However now they are "marked."


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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