Merry ???????


Merry ???????

I have noticed that the number of Christmas Cards we have received is way, way down. I suspect that this is because written correspondence in general is down. We just don’t write letters. So why send a card when a quick email can get the message across?

Then of course there is the entire degradation of the “Christmas” message. “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” have almost completely replaced the traditional “Merry Christmas” except, it seems, in Australia.

We have received two greetings so far from Oz and both wished us a “Merry Christmas.” I was happy to see that the season hadn’t been diminished everywhere.

I’m having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, you know, buying presents and wishing folks Merry this and Happy that. Went to the mall yesterday to see a movie, fully intending to shop afterwards. Didn’t.

Now it may have been the fact that I saw Bohemian Rhapsody. Although for “Queen” fans it’s a tour de force, the story of Freddie Mercury falling into the abyss was a bit of a downer. I’m told there were tears on my cheeks, but I deny everything.

Christmas being on a Tuesday doesn’t help, either. I know I have next weekend. But it will be hell in the malls then. Plus its in the 70’s here in LA. Not really Christmas weather.

I’m not motivated to put up the Christmas lights. We will put up the tree shortly, and that may help. Perhaps I should visit Marcy – She had her three trees and decorations up before Thanksgiving. Now there’s Christmas spirit.

I hope you are feeling more “Christmasy” than I am. I’m just not “with it” when it comes to taking Christmas out of the season. Traditions are good things. They keep us connected with things past. They remind us that all is not lost. They keep us safe.

The police in our neighborhood bring a souped up sleigh and Santa to our block and all the kids go and meet him. We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood now. All ages. I hope they haven’t become jaded like society in general. Last year, a friend took his dogs to meet Santa. They loved it. The dogs, that is.  I’m looking forward to seeing the crowd around that “Jolly old Elf.”

I will send out my traditional Christmas message later this week. Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood. Perhaps a little adult beverage and a fire in the fireplace with the AC on will help.


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