Merry Christmas From PT


Merry Christmas From PT

I agree with the London Cabby who told me a couple of weeks ago that the best part of this time of year is the memories.

We do tend to remember the best times at Christmas. The presents (good and bad), the parties, or that time when mom in law had one too many and noted for the first time that the angel on top of the Christmas tree was flapping its wings. She was sober for a year. By the way, it was flapping, and had been doing so for nearly a decade.

I particularly remember the Christmas when a "non family" invitee at Christmas dinner remarked "Wow, this is just like Christmas with my family, but without the yelling."

But there is something more about this season that keeps us coming back to it. It’s the magic the holiday brings to us. That little mystery that we can’t help but feeling over all the presents and turkey.

No matter what your religion, or even lack of it, we still acknowledge that the birth we celebrate did in fact change the world. That Child grew to a man who in three years put forth a philosophy that has survived two millennia.

It’s a message common to all faiths, and lack of faiths. Its magic is that it cannot be stopped. Its a message of peace, love, and forgiveness.

All of us at Parking Today wish all our friends, no matter who they are or where they worship, all the wonder, mystery, and magic of this of this most special of seasons.

Please have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year

John Van Horn and the PT staff…

Bob Bonin

Shelly Brown

Rad Hermida

Dawn Newman

Pat Restivo

Sue Restivo

Suda Skyrus

Brian Smith

Sandra Watson

Sheila Warnock

I lieu of Cards and Presents, The Staff of Parking Today is donating a portion of their salary, matched by the company, to the charity of their choice.

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