Montgomery County (MD) Next Baghdad by the Bay Nominee


Montgomery County (MD) Next Baghdad by the Bay Nominee

The city county parking office wanted to make the parking rates more consistent across the county. So they included a plan in the budget — noting to the County Council that it would raise upwards of three quarters of a million dollars in additional revenue.  It passed with no opposition. No opposition, that is, until the local merchants found out, then all hell broke loose. Read all about it in WAPO

First of all, its billed as a way to raise money — not help the parking/congestion problems. BAD

Second, the local community wasn’t brought in to the conversation and sold on the concept. BAD

Third, who says parking rates should be consistent? They should change from street to street based on usage, time, and the need to keep on street spaces available. BAD

Fourth, although I can’t be sure about this, the staff actually explained what they were doing in detail, first to the community and then to Commissioners. BAD

Fifth, Although I can’t be sure about this, it doesn’t seem that the ‘plan’ is in place to solve any problems, but to make the rates "consistent" and to raise money. BAD

Sixth, none of the money is going to the areas from which it came, to provide services and infrastructure. BAD

Seventh, I remember that some areas of Silver Spring are quite congested during parts of the day and evenings. So bad that I think that people go elsewhere. If you aren’t solving a problem, why do anything. BAD


You get the drift. Poorly planned, poorly sold, poorly executed. And the County Council, reacting to public pressure, will resend the changes. Time wasted, nothing accomplished.

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