More Parking Stories from LA


More Parking Stories from LA

I understand there is a sign near Hollywood that says "Trashy Parking". Nope, its not for beaters, its the parking lot for "Trashy Lingerie." Don’tcha love it

Gavin MacLeod of Love Boat fame is the honorary mayor of Pacific Palisades, an LA ‘burb overlooking the Pacific on the way to Malibu. One of his jobs is swearing in the board of the local Chamber of Commerce. As part of the oath of office, he included "and I pledge not to park at Gelson’s or Ralphs while shopping elsewhere. I pledge to happily pay my $40 parking ticket to the wonderful city of LA."

It also seems that the Seal Beach Sun’s (newspaper) crime log published a sighting of a dog that was evidently driving  — the items said

ANIMAL NOISE = 1:38 am — Green Avneu The caller said the neighbor’s dog was parking. The caller said this was an ongoing problem.:

And according to a witness, it wasn’t the critters first turn behind the wheel — What’s next — Rover rage?

Thanks to Steve Harvey, LA times.


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  1. Thanks for this update about dog’s parking and trashy parking.
    It definitly wasn’t a complete waste of time to read when I got it in my inbox.
    No wonder I always turn to PT for the important industry news – which seems to come from this extremely useful and insightful blog. The author’s personal views are extremely valuable to my business.
    Kudos and thanks for being such a valuable resource.

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