Morgan Stanley, Slave Traders


Morgan Stanley, Slave Traders

According to an alderman in Chicago, Morgan Stanley, the investment bank that is leasing the four garages from the city for over $500 million, was involved in the slave trade and didn’t fess up on its bid.

The city says that it checked, and MS is OK.  Read about it here.

It seems that anyone dealing with the city must check a box on the bid that indicated whether or not it was involved in slavery prior to the civil war.It seems that the JP Morgan company may have had such ties. However in 1935 some of the partners at JP Morgan left the firm and formed Morgan Stanley. So the existing company has no connection with slavery.

Or not — The alderman is going to sue. And once again, as in Plessy Vs Fergerson or Brown VS Board of education, the courts will decide. (F vs F supported ‘separate but equal’, B vs BE overturned it.)

Of course, there are no reparations, and the box is for information only.

However, Its my opinion that this is all completely bogus. Let’s see — My Parents came from southwest Missouri. Their grand parents fought in the civil war (one set on the north, the other set on the south.) Somewhere in there someone may have know someone who owned a slave. So what. I don’t.I won’t. I never would. This "sins of the father" crap is just that, so much crap.

I guess that all the blacks working for Morgan Stanley should quit their high paying jobs in support of the alderman from Chicago. Why work for such a terrible place?

This is so much PC baloney.


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  1. Please understand that the wealth of the United States was created by the free labor of enslaved Africans in America. It became the land of milk and honey that people from all over the world flock to. The wealth that created these companies is still around today. That is a fact. Not to mention that is has only been about 40 years since Black Americans have enjoyed equal rights in this country. It is a wonderful law and it is great that so many other cities has past it.

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