Multitasking Parking


Multitasking Parking

In Denver, Colorado, a company called Flight Car is striking up an interesting bargain with its customers. They can park for free if Flight Car can rent out their vehicles while they’re away. According to

Flight Car offers customers a free place to park while they travel, and a ride to and from the airport as long as the customer is willing to allow the company to rent the car at a discounted price to one of its users. If the car is rented out, the owner gets paid, usually around $30 to $40, according to the company. Flight Car will also wash the vehicle and vacuum it out. If the car isn’t rented out, the owner still gets a free place to park and a car cleaning.

It’s a fascinating twist on paid parking AND car rental policies. Of course, not every customer is going to want to make this bargain, but it’s an interesting option for those who do. I think that regular car rental agencies and parking providers need to be aware of this new business. It’s an opportunity for them too, if they want to take it.

The sharing economy is only expanding. Millenials especially have a diminished attachment to traditional modes of operation – whether that’s transportation or communication or acquisition. They are less attached to the idea of ownership than older generations. Its a trend that’s evolving and growing and businesses of all sizes will want to adapt.

Read the article here.

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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