It may not seem to make any sense, but painting “double” lines to mark a parking space makes virtually no difference as to whether a car is centered on the space nor does it cut down on “dings”. It just takes twice as much paint and costs more.

Although I hear about it happening all the time, it’s not happened to me – I have never received a parking ticket while sitting in the car. OK, I may have seen an officer coming and moved on, but no tickets.

I think the term PARCS is weird. Parking Access Revenue Control System. OK I know what it means, but when I see it in a sentence, it is strange. We are going to install a PARCS. According to our PARCS, we collected $15,021 today. Our consultant designed a PARCS for our new garage.

In small offices, why do people walk outside to take some phone calls but not others? Do they think they are fooling anyone?

I few years ago, when gas was being rationed, and oil companies were hated I saw a license plate frame – “Oil Feeds my Family.” What about one that says “Parking Feeds My Family.” Are you proud of your profession?

Take a look at the ad on page 53 of the March 2010 PT (go here) and tell me how you would change it to make it better. I don’t agree with Jerry Brown on much, but I do agree that “less is more>”

Why do neighbors (or their gardeners) decide to mow their lawns at 4 PM on a Saturday afternoon, just as you are settling down on your back porch with an adult beverage and enjoying the solitude.

Have you noticed that the best ideas come a millisecond before the phone rings and when you hang up you can’t for the life of you remember what they were?

I am becoming to understand just how Facebook can work. It can become an aggregator of information. You can set it up so all sorts of info that interest you will be there, and you have to go to only one site to get a summary rather than visiting stuff all over the web. We are working on our page here.

Advertisers seem to want to tell you everything about their product. But the most effrctive ads sometime have no words at all. Can you say

Like most people, Ficus plants don’t like change – If you move one (after its been in the same place for a while) the chances are that all the leaves will fall off.


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