Musings leading up to July 4


Musings leading up to July 4

World Cup

I’m not following it but catch a bit every morning at the café when I have breakfast. Today the place was jammed by Mexico fans as the Brazilians took out the folks from south of the border 2 zip.

I know very little about football as its played in the world cup, but listening to the fans, it seems like a game of disappointment. Here was an entire game by leading players, and only two goals were scored. There were many attempts on both sides, but most resulting in failure. Often a pass from one player to another was cut off by the opposition. Both these events led to moans and groans from the fans around me.

US Football has its ups and downs, too. However, if a pass is dropped. 30 seconds later another could be caught. Even when the defense holds, and the offence has to kick, there is a potential for yardage gain and a reason the cheer the kicker. There just seems to be more cheering and less moaning.

But then since I know nothing about world cup football, disregard this after reading.

The Weather

I tell this story every few years. The weather on the Fourth of July will tell the tale as to whether the parking facilities at the beach in Santa Monica and the cities lining the LA coast will make any money.

I can hear the fog horn at Marina Del Rey from my house, and if I hear it on the Fourth, its bad news for parking revenue at the beach. Seems folks don’t flock to a beach covered with May Grey, or June Gloom, or even July Cloudy Sky.

I’ll be listening.  Its been cloudy here every day in June and July so far, clearing about noon. We shall see.


Hummingbird Report

The Hummingbird nest outside our back door is full of life. Momma and two babies are inhabiting the nest. And we have made provisions to prevent Brack the cat from getting too friendly with the new family. Momma comes and goes and when she returns the little ones go nuts waiting for a beak full of dinner.

Hummingbird moms are real workers having to collect enough nectar and insects to not only keep the little ones fed, but to keep themselves alive. Dad doesn’t seem to be around. Nothing unusual there.

Word (Wikipedia) has it that the chicks will leave the nest about 18 days after hatching. We have about five days to go.


Parking at LAX and the Fourth

As I look out my window, the lots around LAX seem to be filling fast. Wallypark’s roof is full, the overflow lots are filling rapidly, and advisories are going out about the upcoming holiday.

I wonder if dynamic pricing has kicked in and parking operators are counting the coin as the what, five day weekend nears. My guess is that people who are flying out on the 3rd won’t be returning much before the 8th filling five days with celebration.



Illegal fireworks have already begun in our neighborhood. The fire department and ambulances are working overtime to care for the idiots who start fires and wound themselves and others just so they can show off their – as David Niven put it when a man streaked the Oscars – shortcomings.

This is a rough time for animals. Dogs are very sensitive to loud noises and Suki is no exception. Last night she moved from her normal spot on the foot of the bed to next to my pillow. We have some calming drugs we will rub on her gums when it gets really bad tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we just have to put up with it. All will be back to normal Thursday.

More about the Fourth tomorrow.





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