Musings off the web, on Parking


Musings off the web, on Parking

Parking around Geneva High in a Chicago suburb of the same name will be restricted during school hours to residents only. Students and faculty that can’t find parking on campus will be parking blocks away.

The students argue that many activities take place before and after school and buses don’t cut it. Most of the students that have cars are the super achievers and those that would benefit with parking nearby. Oh well…

Just think — what would happen if the city council of Geneva, in all its wisdom, had simply charged for parking in the areas around the school? If a kid can afford a car, they can afford $50 a month to park it. Lets assume that 300 people park in that area. The amount collected would be $135,000 per year ( plus any monies received from enforcement).  The money could be used for security, lighting, street scapes, etc. However, the local legislators agreed to pay out about 10 grand plus enforcement costs to restrict parking.

Of course the cars will be parked in the neighborhoods when most residents aren’t even there.


Central Parking’s stock price "headed south" after its announcement that it wasn’t going to sell itself. Its trading today at 13.90, down from over 20 last August. However it was at about 14 when Central announced in March that it was going to see advice on taking the company private. It then jumped to 18 and held between 16 and 18 until this week.

Stock prices seem to be at the will of the Gods…My wife worked for a bio tech company for a decade in the 80s and when they were profitable, the stock went down and when they were struggling, it went up. The CEO told her he had no clue.


Did you know that the ADA recommends that four percent of the on street parking spaces should be reserved for handicapped.?


Veterans park free in Saskatchewan.

Clipsham said it should be seen as a show of respect and appreciation to veterans. Free parking at metered stalls would apply to veterans of the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, NATO operations and UN peacekeeping missions.

I guess if you served in the Canadian forces for 20 years in an active support position at home, like my father in law, you pay.



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