New Digs


New Digs

PT has been a virtual company for all of its 16 years. I decided we needed a shot in the arm, so we rented some space, spent a bit on furniture, and now actually have a “bricks and mortar” office. The gang is moving in today.

It’s located in an area called by Forbes Magazine “a seedy backwater” near LAX. Perfect for visitors and our outlying staff to fly in and out. We have two large rooms and have “bull pen” style cubicles for our office space. For those of you who know the area, we are a couple of blocks from the Hilton on Century Boulevard.

Four of us (Andy, Joyce, Sandra and me) will be here mostly full time. We are flexible and those who are living outside convenient driving distance (Marcy, Pat, Sue) coming in on various schedules during the week.

Virtual companies have benefits; however you lose what I call the “watercooler” effect – those great ideas that come up while standing around the water cooler, or leaning in an office door. We have some very smart people here and I want to tap their wisdom. Look for great things from PT, PW, and the rest of our products in the year to come.

If you are in LA and want a tour, drop me an email and I’ll vector you in. We are shaking the bugs out of the internet connections and the phones will be formally in Friday, so don’t be too surprised if my response is slow or garbled.

Change can be wrenching, but I believe that all change is good.


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John Van Horn

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  1. Congratulations on the move. Have you thought about a dress code for your new “bricks and mortar” digs? With the virtual office, your virtual staff had the snappiest wardrobe in the industry; now we’ll have to see the real deal.

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