New Housing, Old Parking Discussion


New Housing, Old Parking Discussion

In Seattle, a new housing project is bringing up a very old parking argument, reports In Eastlake, city council leaders have waived some parking requirements for developments near bus lines. Community members say the waiver has caused a rush to build, despite being based on incorrect policies.

According to the community council, the city is using buses as an excuse; lowering parking requirements for developers that build near bus service. The flaw in that rationale, according to the community council, is assuming there is plenty of space on buses and people are willing to give up their vehicles.

The city says enforcing parking requirements will make the housing unaffordable and that other, similar developments, with little parking, have been successful. In the article’s comments, readers give voice to every side of the discussion.

Those who distrust government and don’t want to be crowded:

Its all about packing more people in a space. Parking just subtracts from living space. More people equals more tax revenue. More tax revenue means more money to control and dole out to help keep the politicians in power.

Those who want an urban experience with fewer cars and more amenities:

More density means more outlets of commerce in a smaller area, which means a more vibrant economy and one which doesn’t rely on the antiquated notion of a car-centric society.

And the funny guy:

If they are not building any parking where are the future parklets going to come from?

The middle ground is often a good place to start, but not an easy destination for politicians who, indeed, have to consider tax revenue and affordable housing needs, and residents who have little say and have to live with whatever the city decides to do.

Read the article here.

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