New Orleans Parking Officers Busy Drinking Coffee


New Orleans Parking Officers Busy Drinking Coffee

It’s reported that some New Orleans parking enforcement officers are in a world of trouble. They are suspected of wasting time sitting around coffee shops and retaliating against a business that pointed out their bad behavior, reports

Those were two of the problems outlined in a report issued Wednesday by the city’s Inspector General, who also said some parking officials made themselves look busy by ticketing cars parked near federal buildings and City Hall. The problem: the cars were unmarked law enforcement vehicles with placards on the dashboard indicating that the drivers were on duty.

The investigation of the issue, conducted by Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux, was hindered by additional noncompliance from city officers.

Quatrevaux also asserted that Public Works Department officials dragged their feet in supplying documents for his report.

Some of us have jobs where no one will notice if we slack off once in awhile. It’s human nature to approach work with the hope that the least possible amount of effort will be enough – but some of us address this instinct better than others.

What’s sad is that a few lazy enforcement officers are going to give the rest of them a bad name. Only celebrities get more notice for their work than public servants and officials. Everybody’s got to be on their best behavior.

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