New pay system opens parking spots in Raleigh


New pay system opens parking spots in Raleigh

The Headline says it all

The story

in the local paper says the rest. Mark says he “loves it when a plan comes together.” So does Hannibal Smith, but perhaps for a different story. This is more, however, than just another “told you so” from JVH.

Raleigh removed parking meters in the 70s at the behest of local merchants. During the succeeding four decades they had nothing but parking problems downtown. There weren’t any convenient spaces for customers. It was if not parking “hell” certainly parking “heck.” Meters were reinstalled and $1 per hour charges instituted. Guess what – merchants are falling all over themselves lauding the new program. The quotes are for the record book. The reporter searched high and low for a complaint, and found one parker who thought that since he paid taxes, he should get “something” back. My guess is that he never went to public school, had need of a fireman or policeman, never walked under street lighting, or for that matter on a sidewalk or driven on a street. Local services are where we actually get “value” for our taxes. But, as usual, I digress

The most telling story was from a disabled woman who parked previously free all day. She now has to pay. She has worked her life around so she can afford half the charges, having her husband drop her off the rest of the time. What she also finds, is that she now actually has a disabled space to park in. Prior to the charges, over half the people using disabled permits were cheaters. She needed “Access” not free parking.

Won’t governments and merchants ever learn. Charging for parking works.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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