New Zealand and Parking


New Zealand and Parking

I’m always amazed at the turn out when Countries like New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Canada hold parking association meetings. Here in New Zealand, over 100 people came to a resort on lake Taupo to be regaled about all things parking. Considering that New Zealand’s population is about the same as South Carolina or Louisiana and there are only five cities over 100,000 population, having this number in the turnout is, I think, telling.

AND – these attendees are basically the onstreet parking folks – the IPI of New Zealand – since virtually all are public sector and deal with enforcement and parking policies in the cities. It is exciting to see the enthusiasm of the group and the professional way they go about their jobs.

They network, listen to people who can help them with their jobs, and generally talk parking. The picture above shows the group listening to Andrea Heazlewood from the NZ version of the DMV, discussing how they can use a new data base program her group has set up to research vehicles caught in their respective nets. From the discussion afterwards I can tell you this was a topic near and dear to many hearts in the room.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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