No tickets in DC on Sunday


No tickets in DC on Sunday

A reader sent in THIS from the Huffington post – I’m certain he assumed that I wouldn’t see it there and of course he was correct. I spend most of my time at the “National Review” end of the blogosphere.

The writer is railing on about the first amendment since he has determined that Washington DC does not issue parking tickets on Sunday, and of course that gets the city involved in the establishment of religion, since Muslims, Jews, and the odd Seventh day Adventist get ticketed when they attend services on Friday and Saturday, but the rest of the Christians are let off scott free on Sunday. After a boring column quoting “Everson vs.Board of Education” and Justice Black, he concludes that until the city stops its unconstitutional ways, he’s not going to pay any parking tickets and he invites all those who are ticketed in DC to do the same.


First, I think its time that this blogger get a life, however he does have a point, of sorts.

Personally I think that folks going to worship should, assuming there is not overriding reason why not, get a “pass” on their parking issues. This does have some difficulties since traditionally most businesses, except some retail, close on Sunday and on street parking in the area is not required. This may not be true on Friday or Saturday…However, in most cities, and I’m sure in DC, parking requirements are lifted on Sunday (daily except Sunday, etc) So what is the problem?

Unfortunately for the writer, America is a predominately Christian nation and closes down on Sunday. If you are in Israel, you will find businesses close on Saturday, and in the Muslim world, on Friday, if at all. It is a way of life. Even in Europe, which isn’t religious, stores and businesses close on Sunday, too. Tradition.

So, if businesses are closed and parking is not being used, why not let folks park there at no charge. It seems to me that the solution is to add the line “except Sunday” to appropriate signs in DC.

My guess is that the folks complaining about this will not be the Jews or Muslims, but bloggers from the Huffington post.

Oh, cars parked in no parking zones like fire hydrants or driveways should be ticketed or towed, no matter what day it is or whether or not its owner is in church or the local bar and grill. Fair is fair.


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