Numbers Don’t Lie


Numbers Don’t Lie

On, it’s reported that parkbytext users in Ireland used the service for 900,000 parking transactions in 2016. The company also reached a happy milestone: 100,000 registered users.

The great thing about mobile payment applications and technologies is that the numbers keep track of themselves, almost. Usage is easily recorded and details about users can be quantified through the registration process.

Other parkbytext stats include:

The biggest adopters to parkbytext is Irish Rail customers, with an average of 44% choosing to pay through parkbytext over traditional ‘pay and display’ machines. On average 22% of customers choose parkbytext as their preferred payment method, over traditional ‘pay and display’ machines, with 50% of parkbytext transactions originating from the app.

I still use cash and cards to pay for parking, and I’m not big on registering for anything, because I don’t believe in giving away my data for free – unless it has real benefits for me. But I’m impressed by the way mobile pay technology supports itself. So many transactions are passive – for the user and provider.

Information on the busiest day, busiest venue and duration of stay are just a few of the numbers that have been gathered by the company. Though there are a lot of people paying with credit cards and cash, the data gathered by parkbytext shows, without question, that its users are adopting mobile pay options. It’s got to be encouraging for company officials.

Read the release here.

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