NYC DOT Tickets Jews on Sabbath


NYC DOT Tickets Jews on Sabbath

Are these people nuts — For the few who don't know, Orthodox Jews don't do mechanical things on the Sabbath (use dishwashers, drive cars, use elevators, ring door bells, etc). Its a day of rest, so they rest, fair enough.

So what does the NYC Department of Transportation do, they ticket over 90 cars in the heavily Orthodox Williamsburg section of the city for not moving their cars to the "other side of the street" on the Sabbath.

Of course they are going to void the tickets. Now is the clicker — Orthodox Jews believe strongly in modesty. Now why are they asking the cars be moved?

They are installing a bike path so Yuppie cyclists in their spandex, short shorts, and halter tops can display themselves to the folks going to temple. Of course the local Rabbis are not happy. Nor should they be.

I'm sure that some very nice people thought the bike path would be great but made one slight error, they didn't ask the people where the bike path was going. Now they have two problems on their hands.

Sigh…Why can't planners and parking folks research, talk, query and notify before they make decisions.


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