NYC in the Parking Headlines…again


NYC in the Parking Headlines…again

Let’s see if I have this right. Hizzoner the Mayor Bloomie of New York City has cut the number of parking permits given to city workers from 80,000 to just under 55,000. These are permits that the driver can put on their car dash and park just about anywhere in the city. I think they are supposed to use only legitimate parking spaces, but I understand that enforcement folks shy away from writing tickets to those parked blocking drives or in front of fire hydrants or maybe just a tad too close to the corner. Who knows just whose car you might be ticketing. But that’s for another day.

Let’s see. In New York City, city workers (mostly police) get free parking anywhere in the city. Originally there were 49,000 permits given to the police, but there were 37,000 officers. You do the math. They seem to have gotten that under control and most of the permits withdrawn come from the police.

But here’s the kicker – If you include the permits given to the department of education, and various other agencies, the total number of permits, AFTER the reduction is over 100,000. That’s right. One Hundred Thousand.

And remember, these are permits that allow these folks to park on the streets of the city, basically anywhere, any time, without paying. My question is: Why?

Why should city employees be able to park without paying. No one else does. New York has some of the best public transportation in the country. Why is there a need for 100,000 people to drive in and park in the city every day for FREE?

Oh, there are the emergency workers who are called in off their shift, and police who have to respond to murders and whatnot quickly from home, and of course all those teachers that need to have their cars close at hand just in case..of what, I’m not sure.

This is simply a case of the city providing a benefit to their employees “that doesn’t cost anything.” It doesn’t? Baloney. Parking is not free. No matter where you park it costs someone something. What they should do is pay each city employee a parking allowance and then if they want a permit, charge them for it. My guess is that the number of permits would drop 80% in one month. People who have the money in hand will find alternatives, car pool, ride the bus or subway. Money is a great motivator.

Of course that won’t happen. When the city discovers what it costs to park cars, they will “opt out” of that idea and simply treat their employees like the other 10 million that go to work every day in the city. If you want to work there, you find your way to work like everyone else.

Of course I live in LA where there’s always a place to park. Right…


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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