About half the people on the street in LA are not wearing masks.

Ralphs Grocery in LA seems to be keeping its shelves fully stocked, plus there are no lines. People inside are masked, and social distancing in the check out lines. Most are polite and keeping six feet apart in the aisles.

Trader Joes is having trouble keeping its shelves stocked, and the lines outside can be around the block, of course they are social distanced.

The cop who lives across the street and works at UCLA says that its two hospitals, one on campus and one in Santa Monica are empty.

The friend of a colleague who works at the huge Cedar Sinai complex in LA says there are 40 covid patients in the hospital and furloughs are rampant.

I hope they open car washes soon – The fleet on the street needs a lot of work.

Ditto Barber Shops.

Let’s see – I can only buy three packages of meat at a time at Costco – Each one will feed a family for a week. What’s the problem?

California’s Governor is yielding to overwhelming pressure and beginning a phased reduction of the golden state’s lockdown. Among the last to be opened will be barbers and hair stylists. One wrote the governor noting that they are required to take 1000 hours of training on how to keep their stores sanitary and musing just how they are any less ‘essential’ than cannabis or liquor stores. My guess is that when the camel gets its nose in the tent, the rules will fall away and people will begin taking care of themselves.

My resident scientist reminds me that the closure of food processing plants has to do with protecting the workers there, not with protecting the food. They have protections in place to deal with the virus on the food.

A neighbor’s grandchild had a birthday yesterday and a friend invited the police to drop by and sing happy birthday. Three patrol cars with six cops arrived, they sang happy birthday to the four year old, then stood around and laughed while the birthday boy romped in one of the cars, playing with the sirens. All the cops were masked, most of the adults were also. Social distancing went by the wayside. The cops ignored the unmasked attendees. A good time was had by all.


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