Of course they did – They are cops, right?


Of course they did – They are cops, right?

They are holding the US Women’s Open Golf Tourney at the Oakmont Golf Club in PA and some homes near the golf course opened their driveways for parking. Very neighborly. Of course they charged (anywhere from $10 to $30, most likely depending on the distance to the first tee.) You know what happened next. The cops “put them on notice” whatever the hell that means. The concern:

Oakmont police Chief David DiSanti said residents who were spotted using their properties for profit were put on notice that police considered it unsafe because of security concerns. DiSanti said residents were allowing people that they didn’t know to park their vehicles close to busy Hulton Road. He said there were no checks and balances on who was there.”The truth of the matter is that it comes back to safety,” DiSanti said.

So, let’s see – they didn’t do anything about the cars, they spoke to the homeowners but didn’t shut them down. Read the story here – So what did happen…you guessed it

The solicitor is reviewing the information, and there is a chance that action will be taken, the chief said. He said any citations wouldn’t fall under police jurisdiction. Instead, he said they are zoning issues because the properties are zoned residential and being used for commercial purposes.

Of course. Next they will be closing lemonade stands put up by seven year olds to wet the whistles of all those golfers.

I think that individuals selling parking space is at the core of entrepreneurship. Why the hell not – I have an extra space in my garage. If someone from the apartment across the street wants to put his Maserati out of the weather and is willing to pay me $50 a month for space, why not? What the zoning and the city are doing with these rules is pushing this economy underground. And, with quotes like the first one, they are insulting our intelligence.


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