Well, that’s the name of the new web site – Crappp.co.uk – Croydon Residents against punitive parking policies. This is the next tidbit I found this AM adding to my stack of stuff on governments using parking to collect revenue. These folks did some research and found that the London borough collected $60 million over the past three years in parking fees and fines. And they think it’s too much. I’m not sure whether it is or not, but these folks are going after the local government big time.

Look, parking is a resource and needs to be nurtured and protected. No doubt. But obviously folks are not looking on parking as something akin to the local park or recreation area. I think they would, and could, with a little better PR on the part of those that enforce the rules.

In the meantime, its all just CRAPPP.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Wow, we have gone global within a week of launch.
    I appreciate your post, and just want to aid your thought process a little more, give you more of an insight into our thinking.
    We, like you, think parking should be nutured, but our local council seem to use it to generate revenue. All we want is fair play, we have tried to be nice and many people have lobbyed the council on this point over the past 5 years and failed, so we went one step further! Resulting in CRAPPP.
    Anyway, thanks for seeking us out and linking us across the pond!

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