Ohio has some sense, too


Ohio has some sense, too

Funny about blogs, you read them in reverse order. If you read the one below, this one makes more sense.

Granville, Ohio is considering a parking study ($10K). Here’s the lede of the article:

When a parking space isn’t available in front of her family’s favorite ice cream shop on the main block of downtown Granville, Annette Flathers parks on a nearby side street. It doesn’t faze her a bit. "The kids don’t mind walking," she said

Read the rest here.

Some merchant panics because one of their potential customers didn’t find a parking space within 10 feet of their door, and wants to spend 10 grand to have an expert tell them they need more parking. Then spend $10 million to build a garage no one will use.

See Annette Flathers has the solution. Her kids want ice cream and don’t care that they have to walk a block to get it. Now if the other stores in town had something people wanted, they will park and walk, too. "If you build it they will come." and I don’t mean parking. If someone is selling the formula for turning dirt into gold for $10 bucks a go, there would be cars left running in the middle of the street. However, if the formula doesn’t work, all the parking on earth isn’t going to get people to come into the store.

Hopefully the city council in Granville can hold back the flood waters and instill some sense into the community. I’m certain some charging for parking, good enforcement, and a reason for people to come downtown will solve the problem nicely, thank you very much.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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