Old Fashioned Parking


Old Fashioned Parking

One day I’m sure I’ll tell my grandchildren about this old fashioned thing called paper money and coins. I won’t mention the typewriter, because they won’t be able to conceptualize anything so clunky and slow. Whatever they carry, it will be smarter than a smart phone. It will do everything for them except blow their noses and it won’t ever run low on battery power.

Sooner or later, coin meters and even credit card meters will be outdated technology. In El Paso, Texas, pay by phone is an option now in place for parkers, and I think it’s a great move. According to kfoxtv.com, all of the city’s nearly 2,000 meters will be connected with an app that lets users pay with their phones – from any location.

Park El Paso lets motorists feed parking meters by typing in a unique zone and space number and the amount of time for which they wish to pay. Users will receive notifications when their sessions are about to expire.

Even pay by phone will eventually be an outdated technology, and I can’t imagine what will take its place, but for now, it’s advanced. Kudos to El Paso for embracing the future.

There’s a whole generation of people, most of them about 2 years old  right now, that won’t know any other way. They will carry a phone – or some electronic device – like an extra limb. Tap, tap, tap will make their world go round. They might not be able to communicate with actual humans, but they will do wonders with their phones.

Read the article here.

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