Old Parking Meters Now Collectibles


Old Parking Meters Now Collectibles

People have been collecting antique industrial items for years. Street signs, printing press forms, and old tools are all collector’s items. In Saskatoon, Canada, pay stations were recently installed, and now, according to thestarphoenix.com, residents are lining up to buy the outdated parking meters.

Greg Doering, sporting a massive beard and a pair of black Ray-Ban sunglasses, was among the shoppers. He said the meter has symbolic importance for him.

“My dad, as a young man, happened to get a parking meter one day when they were replacing them and I kind of grew up with one in the house. It’s in my brother’s studio now, and now I want my own,” he said. “It’s kind of nostalgic.

City leaders are surprised by the interest in the meters, which have been partially disassembled and are only decorative. They say they are pleased that the meters will be salvaged.

The City of Saskatoon is still calculating how many of the meters it has sold overall, but the most recent count recorded on Tuesday evening indicated 51 double-head meters and 55 single-head meters had made it into the hands of the public, raising about $2,630.

I’m not at all nostalgic about the times I’ve spent feeding quarters into a coin meter – quite the opposite – but I understand the allure. That’s because I’ve got a box full of cassette tapes in my garage.

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  1. Along these lines I’ve heard the position borfee that while the payment device itself may be ADA compliant it is more common than not for ADA access curbs to not be conveniently located to access those devices. Essentially you’re asking a person to go to the end of a sidewalk and then all the way back down to the location of their vehicle to pay.

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