OMG – A “controversial” user fee


OMG – A “controversial” user fee

The Sacramento (CA) regional transit is “dusting off” a controversial “user fee” for people who park in their lots and right their buses and trains. They are hard pressed in “desperate times.” Read the article here.

They tabled the suggestion a couple of years ago when a board member noted that it could mean widespread boycotting of the service. After all people were in their cars, and if they had to pay, they would just stay in their cars and drive to work. PLUS, they may park in local garages and on streets in neighborhoods around the stations, causing mayhem and more political problems for the transit board.

At least one board member had it right when he said that “Parking is not free.”

They are doing this to generate revenue. They might try just being fair. They fold the cost of parking in the transit fare. Plus they are subsidized by local sales tax. People who don’t drive pay for part of the parking for those who do.

And of course, if someone stayed in their car and drove to work, they would have to pay when they got there. Plus the cost of gas, and the rest.

Oh, I forgot. The proposed price of parking — $1. My guess is that won’t even cover the cost of maintaining, lighting, securing, and cleaning the parking lots.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. The comments section of the article is hilarious, with most of the statements reading something like “if they start charging for parking I’m just going to drive to work”. So instead of paying $1/day they are going to spend and extra $4 or $5/day on gas and pay as much as $8 to $10/day to park in town. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh.

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