OMG – The Power of The New York Times – Shoup Stirs up the Blogosphere


OMG – The Power of The New York Times – Shoup Stirs up the Blogosphere

The New York Times is, I guess, read by everyone who counts. A columnist wrote on Sunday about Shoup and the “High Cost of Free Parking” – a five year old tome that has been going around the parking a planning world for half a decade but has now found its way into the main stream media.

Here are just a representative few of the blogs and other comments on parking. Seems like after reading the Times, everyone is an expert.

It’s actually worth your while to read through some of them. If you know anything about Shoup, you know that some are simply making up their theories out of whole cloth, other are forming their comments based on their political views, liberal or conservative.

Have fun, Shoupista’s


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  1. Thanks for this post John. Your round-up of links prompted me to pile on with my own roundup of posts provoked by that NYT article. See
    It is the 2nd post at my new parking policy blog, “Reinventing Parking”.
    By the way, I have linked from over there to PT’s parking blog and to Parking Today. I look forward to more interaction and mutual learning about parking policy.
    All the best,

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