On the Road – in Seattle


On the Road – in Seattle

I’ve come up here for my granddaughter Ashley’s high school graduation. WOW – seems like only yesterday that…

Blogging may be erratic. There are a lot of festivities and seems they need my credit card

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. How is Robotic Parking doing? I havent heard anything in awhile. Is Hoboken still in operation?

  2. Hoboken is apparently running fine — It has been revamped, software wize, by a company from Israel — Robotic Parking is doing fine — they are concentrating their efforts in the middle east, Abu Dhabi and Dubai and have three projects there, one completed, and two under construction

  3. The company who retrofited Hoboken is Unitronics Inc. They are headquartered from Quincy, MA and not from Israel…..

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