One Hundred Years.


One Hundred Years.

Toledo Ticket’s 100th birthday party was quite a bash. Great food and drink, super music, and convivial people. What more could one want.

Tom Carter MCed the event He introduced their extended family – there were at least 50 of them and then all the company’s employees. We saw a well-made video about the history of the company and then a presentation to Roy by Tom of a graphic designed portrait depicting Toledo’s history.

Parking folks I chatted with included Gary Cudney of Carl Walker, Marty Stein late of the NPA, Jeff Wolfe of The Car Park in Boise, Tom Kanngiesser, now a landowner in Louisville but formerly of System Parking, Kathy Burnett of Melvin Simon, Pat Langfeld of the NPA, and others that I’m embarrassed to say have slipped my mind.

Of course the highlight was spending time with Roy and Tom. Two professionals who have made a business a success, but haven’t forgotten that family and friends are more important.

Congratulations to all.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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