Only in California — Not Really


Only in California — Not Really

I wish I could say that this happens only in California, but I’m sure there are like issues elsewhere, anywhere the government meets parking…Take a look at this one.

The town of Isla Vista, in which the University of California, Santa Barbara is located, wants to institute a permit program and pay parking program. The problem is that students at UCSB are dodging the parking fees and parking in the local community and in the free parking area near the beach, thus keeping visitors and residents from parking.  The beach area is jammed and no one can park their and gain access to the beach.

So Isla Vista has proposed to charge for parking near the beach and set up a permit program. Now I would prefer a pay parking program everywhere, including the neighborhoods, but there you go. The Shoupistas aren’t going to win this one.

Enter the California Coastal Commission, the group that must approve anything that happens within 1000 feet of the mean tide line, and that includes, it seems, parking controls. In its wisdom the commission has held up implementation for goodness knows how long while it reviewed the plan. Of course, it will finally approve, with changes. The changes? There has to be enough free parking near the beach so folks will continue to have good access. HUH!!!

Lets see, there is free parking now, and the place is so jammed that no one can get in. So we institute a control program with free parking so people can park there. Read the article through to the end and don’t hurt yourself scratching your head.

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