O’Toole Responds to Shoup


O’Toole Responds to Shoup

Randall O’Toole responded to Don Shoup’s takedown of his blog post. You can read it in its entirety here.

    I thought the response was very weak. He only address one of Shoup’s 10 concerns about his blog and even it was incorrect. He stated that

The Antiplanner’s post pointed out that many municipalities do not have minimum-parking requirements, but businesses still offer plenty of free parking to their employees and customers. Shoup asks for “a list of some of these.” Virtually all counties in Texas, most counties in Nevada, and many counties in Indiana have no minimum-parking requirements,

A quick Google and I found, that unless its been revoked, the county of Las Vegas, the only county that actually has people living in it in Nevada has a complex minimum parking requirement. Check it out here,. Houston, which I believe is in Texas, lists its minimum parking requirements here.

O’Toole simply seems to make up his facts out of whole cloth.

Read it for yourself.

Parking isn’t easy. And arguing about parking, without some background or at least some thought about the subject, is difficult. O’Toole doesn’t seem to me to be basing his arguments on much thought at all.




John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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