Brandy and Keith take out after me on my position that cities should keep the amount of money charged for businesses “taking” parking spaces for their use and asking the city to “bag” them at a minimum. I used as an example a contractor who was building an apartment and needed street access. My feeling is that anything we can do to help business activity is a good thing for everyone.

Brandy says that parking departments help businesses every day by keeping parking available for their customers and that by charging a higher rate, we ensure that the spaces are returned to the available pool and keep supporting all those other businesses. Both are concerned that a business that could get by with 3 spaces would take 5 just so their workers would have a place to park. Keith defends his position by saying that his organization pours money in to streets and fund the department of transportation, and says “user pays.” Go for it.

Fair enough. However I think that we can get the spaces back in circulation by setting time limits on the “bagging” and charging user fees after that time limit. As for keeping the spaces in circulation, I am basically talking about longer term needs, like construction. I agree with Brandy that if a restaurant wants to “bag” for a day because they are holding a bake sale, hit em for whatever you can get. However when a new building is going up, or a new store front is being installed, everyone – customers, local land owners, and merchants – all benefit from the new or refurbished building. We should, in my opinion, do whatever it takes to make their lives easier.

It’s tough in the private sector these days. California is in the dumpster because, in large part, businesses are hit at every turn with regulations, fees, and fines, most of which are spurious and almost all of which could be done without. If we can do out small part to help out, I think we should.

Brandy and Keith: Do your organizations have mission statements. If so, can you drop them in below? Thanks



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  1. JVH, here is the official mission statement:
    The Portland Bureau of Transportation is a community partner in shaping a livable city. We plan, build, manage, and maintain an effective and safe transportation system that provides people and businesses access and mobility. We keep Portland moving.

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