Park for Free – Pay more for Goods and Services


Park for Free – Pay more for Goods and Services

Here’s an editorial in a local Southern California Paper. Basically it says that if you charge for parking, you will drive away customers. Mark points out an interesting anomaly in the argument:

“business owners subsidize the service, and in return their customers get to park free for the first 75 minutes”

 And if you believe the business owners don’t build that cost into their prices then you probably also believe that they’re eating the cost on free re-fills, too. 

I know a bit about the parking problem in downtown Ventura and understand that merchants are in fact in favor of charging for parking. One major problem is with the 75 minute limit. Many shops, cafes and the like have customers that stay longer than 75 minutes. One beauty parlor owner said his customers get up from their hair dryers and go out to move their cars. Another employs a car jockey to move customer’s cars to keep ahead of the time limit.

These store would love to have pay for parking. If they like, they can validate or provide payment to their customers, just like the “big malls on the edge of town” do.


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  1. Great opportunity for pay by cell phone with notification prior to expiration of meter time limit. Never have to get out of the beauty salon chair.

  2. Yes — The concept of “Topping up” a meter from wherever you are is one of the Pay by Cell’s real selling point. JVH

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