Parking $1294…Sarcasm rights – Priceless


Parking $1294…Sarcasm rights – Priceless

And this one is. A couple parked their car on a street in San Francisco, not knowing that there is a three day limit on parking. They then went on vacation. When they returned their car was towed and they had a $1300 bill. Read all about it here.

The city contracts with San Francisco Auto Return to tow and store the vehicles of errant parkers. “Next time I will request that S.F. AutoReturn take the car to the Fairmont Hotel, where the daily parking charge is only $50, which includes valet parking,” said David Kleinberg, car owner, adding that “apparently all you get for $1,300 in S.F. these days is the opportunity to share a delightful bit of sarcasm.”

This is reminiscent of the old story of the millionaire in New York City who came in to his bank and asked to borrow $5K for a month. The interest rate was 6% (this was in the good old days). He said he wanted to use his Rolls as collateral. The bank was confused but since he was a good customer agreed. The next day the car was dropped off and the money received.

A month later the millionaire returned. Handed the $5,000 back to the bank, along with interest for a month and picked up his car.

The bank manager couldn’t resist the question – Why?

The Rolls owner said that he didn’t know of anywhere else he could leave his car in Manhattan for a month, be absolutely sure it would be there when he got back, and pay only $25.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Is the story real? Quite funny and sarcasm. And reflects that the parking problems in big cities are getting worse and worse.
    Anyway, there should be a solution and the government and property owners must be doing something…

  2. These are some of the comments that are circulating in Miami.
    Are you aware that the Parking Authority’s Director Mr. Art Noriega, yes the same person that is getting $300,000 per year (More than any City Manager in the State), went on a trip to Panama (the country) to do private business of his own as a consultant for profits and he use the Parking Authority to pay for all of his expenses?.
    Are you aware that the Parking Authority paid for Mr. Art Noriega’s college courses to obtain his Masters, which had nothing to do with his work at the Authority. These are all taxpayer’s monies.
    “”Why would the Miami Parking Authority hire a powerful attorney/lobbyist for $525.00 per hour, if it is not to try to stop these enquiries and also to try to stop the resident of Miami to be heard in the upcoming elections.
    It’s shameful that their arrogance and above the law attitude…”:”:
    This is a paid political advertisement paid for and approved by Arthur Noriega (Miami Parking Authority’s General Manager), trying to protect his $400,000 salary plus expenses. Let’s wait until the upcoming investigation’s results are finished. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF MISUSE OF PUBLIC MONIES?……..Stay tuned.

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