Parking and Dear Abby


Parking and Dear Abby

A woman wrote to Dear Abby about and incident in a parking lot. It was full and people were cruising waiting for someone to leave. A car pulled out right in front of the car she and her husband were in. Just as he started to pull in, a woman from the street ran up and created a scene to block to space and "hold" it for her husband who was still out on the street. The writer’s mate asked the woman politely to stand aside and she became hysterical. He decided  that descrtion was the better part of valor and let the woman have the space.  The writer asked Abby what she should do. Abby’s Answer:

Dear Unsure: Your husband was not out
of line in asking the woman to move. She was nervy and wrong to block
traffic and take advantage. And if the police had been summoned, they
probably would have backed you up.
What would I have done in that
situation? Had I been behind the wheel, I would have been tempted to
very … slowly … continue … parking my car … until she either
moved or I squashed her like a bug against the wall or the car in
front. (That’s why my husband does most of the driving when we’re



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