Parking Apps for All Ages


Parking Apps for All Ages

I’m not a baby boomer, but my parents are, so I was intrigued by this headline at 8 Apps Boomers Need Right Now. The article outlines eight smartphone apps older users might find helpful – and two of them are parking apps.

The first of the two is an as-yet imaginary app that helps users find their cars in crowded parking lots and garages. The second is a Parkmobile app that enables the smartphone for meter payments.

This app connects to your credit card. Punch in the meter numbers, get the time you want and, when you are running down on minutes, your phone alerts you.

In truth, I’m not a senior citizen, but I could use either one of these apps. I’m starting to need an app that magnifies all the type I’m trying to read on my smartphone. I need an app, because I’m not quite ready to buy and carry around those reader glasses.

It makes sense to focus on individual demographics for creating and marketing apps, but what’s good for the senior will probably be helpful for most everyone else.

For the rest of the article, click here.

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  1. We’ve been using ParkMobile for our municipal parking customers here in Petoskey, MI for a number of years. One of the best options it allows is for customers to park with an open ended time. They stop the meter upon return, thus paying only for what they use. Of course they still get a notice 15 minutes prior to when their maximum allowable parking in that space is about to expire. Own parking department also picks up the credit card transaction fee so our parking users pay the same as if they were using coins. By the way, ParkMobile has outstanding customer support for their parking authority clients.

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