Parking at Disneyland


Parking at Disneyland

Took the granddaughter, her mother, and her uncle (don’t ask) to Micky’s house the other Saturday. I hadn’t been there in a couple of years and had never parked in the new Walker Parking designed structure across the street and down the road. I must say the 10,000 plus space garage is easy to find, get in to and get out of, well at least I think it is.

We drove directly off the freeway into the structure. We were directed to a specific space and parked. I’m told that if you give a Disney Parking Staffer the time of your arrival, they can tell you exactly where you car is.) About a five minute walk to the tram and then off to play with Mickey and co.

Upon returning, we simply drove out. We left before closing so there was no traffic. But I wonder what happens when the park closes and people begin to jam the place. Anyone had that experience? My son tells me that it can take a bit to get from the garage to the nearest freeway. But that’ s usually the case with event parking. When you arrive, its easy. Its the leaving that the pain.

All in all, however, the parking experience was a good one. Good job to the the designers and to Disney and Co. As usual everything is first cabin.

By the way, they seem to have done something to the lines at the Magic Kingdom. With the exception of newly opened "Finding Nemo" which replaced the submarines in Tomorrowland, the average line was 20 minutes or less and that includes Pirates, Small World, Jungle Cruise and other biggies. This was a Saturday in the middle of summer.

Oh, yes,  the "redo" of Pirates, adding the saga of "Captain Jack Sparrow" is great. Interesting to note that the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie was based on the ride. Now the ride has changed to fit the series. Johnny Depp says that his greatest honor is having become a permanent attraction at Disneyland.


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