Parking Charges based on Length of Vehicle


Parking Charges based on Length of Vehicle

Yep – According to this story in a New Delhi newspaper, folks in a Northern Chinese City pay based on the length of their car. If you are driving a truck, you are also hit for the weight of the load.

I rather like this approach. You rent space based on the amount of space your take up, not on the amount of time you spend in the space. Garages in New York City have been charging Limos and SUV’s more than standard vehicles for years. Why not take it to its next logical step?

I’m not too sure about their approach to measuring – they start the tape at the rear view mirror and continue to the back of the vehicle. What if the rear view mirror is on the front fender and not on the driver’s door? Details.

There are over 31 different rates for different types of cars and lengths. This does help with the fierce unemployment problem in China. There would have to be two more people hired in each lot, one to hold each end of the tape.

There is a certain scary elegance to the entire concept. Cars that cost more (longer) pay more to park. Income redistribution at its finest.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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