Parking Finds its Way into Art, Religion


Parking Finds its Way into Art, Religion

I think it’s fascinating the way parking issues and experiences cross all kinds of political, cultural and social borders. On the same day I read about a reincarnated Druid king objecting to parking charges at Stonehenge, I also come across a description of an art display made up of paint scrapings left on parking structure walls by bad drivers.

In England, King Arthur Pendragon is taking English Heritage to court over parking charges applied to visitors of Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice, reports

Mr. Pendragon, whose real name is John Rothwell, appeared at Salisbury County Court this week to argue that parking should be free because people have a right to pray without hindrance.

Parking is free throughout the year, despite enormous increases in tourism at the site, except during the busy month of June. Mr. Pendragon will have an entire day in April to argue his case before the Salisbury Crown court. He’s taken his stand under the umbrella of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Read the article here.

The art exhibit, sponsored by Nissan, is called “Parking is Not an Art.” According to the article, published on, Nissan’s technology saves people the trouble of parking for themselves, but shouldn’t necessarily replace the skill of parking. Either way, the streaks of paint left all over parking garages, barriers and columns are somewhat beautiful, but totally avoidable.

With Nissan’s Around View Monitor technology, you might not have left your own Picasso at your local parking lot.

Read the article about the art exhibit here.

If there was ever any question about what a huge role parking plays in the lives of every day people, the way it transcends the every day and becomes art or a platform for human rights answers that question loud and clear.


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