Parking goes to the movies


Parking goes to the movies

I went down to Hollywood yesterday to take a cover shot for October’s PT. It will be great, of course. What I found was Hollywood being all things Hollywood. They were shooting the crash scene of a movie right in front of the Hollywood/Highland center, just a few feet from the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel where Marty Stein is holding the NPA’s annual Convention next month.

I took a few pictures of the "shoot" and share them here. First, the scene — in the background is the Egyptian looking Hollywood/Highland center. The NPA’s host hotel is right behind it. Convenient for movie buffs. I don’t know if there will be a location shoot going on right there in October, but there certainly will be somewhere nearby.Hollywood_1_2
Note: The Kodak Academy award theater is a part of the complex.1

Here’s another angle:                                                                                                                           

And of course, I you want to see whether or not your hands or feet match those of Marlon Brando, or any one of hundreds of others, you can walk a few feet to the Chinese Theater…


I know one is supposed to be sophisticated and worldly, but I just love the movie business. Its fun, its interesting, its art, and its larger than life. 

Its interesting to note, however, that most of the stars locked in concrete are from a previous generation. Wayne, Brando, Garbo, even a newcomer named Harrison Ford. But you don’t see too many "current" stars. I guess they are too busy partying, getting divorced, and entering rehab. OK, lots of the old timers partied, got divorced, and went to rehab, but they did it with class.

The NPA is going to have a great time. If you weren’t planning to go, I think you should reconsider. I’m sure there will be some parking talk there, too. This is such a great location — just up the street is Musso and Frank grill, and Hollywood and Vine. When I took the shots above I was standing in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel — they say its haunted. With movie stars, no less.  You are less than a mile from Sunset strip, and about to same to Pinks, the best hot dog stand on earth., They sell over 2000 a day and there is a line from the moment they open, but its worth the wait.

The Hollywood Bowl is a short stroll up the street. I will be closed for the winter by then, but you can walk in and take a look, no charge.  And of course my personal favorite, the world famous Magic Castle is just up the block. You have to be a member or guest of a member to get in, but if you ask nice, I might just be able to swing a guest card or two.

Hollywood, its just a lot of fun.


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