Parking in Australia Smart and Secure


Parking in Australia Smart and Secure

Secure Parking is a major operator here in Australia. I sat in on their presentation at the Parking Australia Outlook Conference yesterday and was blown technically away.

The have developed a parking reservation and loyalty program that as far as I can tell outshines anything on the open market. It allows customers to select and reserve parking, select rates, pay on line, and enter their parking garage (carpark in Aussie) without taking a ticket.

Most impressive was that they developed it in house.  OK they hired outside tech guys, but the design, the implementation, and the internal management was all theirs. Its probably why it fits so well into their operation. It was designed by an operator who knew what it wanted to accomplish and then did.

As Secure’s Marketing Manager Andrew Sapir took us through the many levels of the program, I began to get an understanding of just what the company was trying to accomplish. It was more than parking reservations, it was a loyalty program that was bringing customers back, time after time.

They promote the program with every method possible including social media, mail, personal contact, and email blasts. They offer ‘specials’ when there is an event happening around their locations, and reach out to tell about them.

I asked him about dynamic pricing, and he said it was in its infancy, but they did have an internal pricing structure based on selling so many spaces in location at a certain price, and when that was full, raising the price to a next tier. He noted that they would be expanding this pricing model as they acquired more information about their locations, occupancy, and so forth.

Most impressive was the database they have developed. They have over half a million names, addresses, emails and so forth that they can slice and dice to fit each marketing effort. Specials for an event, super pricing for a location that is near an area with clubs and restaurants, it all happens daily at Secure Parking

An impressive company led by impressive people. Check it out at Secure Parking.


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