Parking Industry Expo 2019 – A Smorgasbord with Dessert


Parking Industry Expo 2019 – A Smorgasbord with Dessert

You Must Taste the Entire Event!

I have been looking through the Seminars being presented at this year’s Parking Industry Expo and can’t help but be impressed with the wide variety of presentations. Yes, there are some directed at cities, but also some at airports, universities, and dare I say it, the private sector.

Just looking at the titles from Tuesday can give you a taste of what is to come: Enforcement, Lessons learned from Chicago; Designing Downtowns for Women; Hiring the Best; Solving Parking Availability; Parking Guidance at the UC Sacramento, Understanding Consumer Behavior; Cyber Security; Airport PARCS; Technology, Friend or Foe; Are You losing money collecting money; Why the Parking Market must Grow.

And that’s the short day. Wednesday brings a plethora of topics dealing with Universities, Cities, Parking Operations, and Tech. One seminar even takes you on a trip with Dorothy down the Yellow Brick Road to Oz. Check out all the PIE seminars here.

Like the famous Swedish Buffet, the Parking Industry Expo has something for every taste. And of course, enables you to satisfy your sweet tooth with networking, breakfasts (yes bacon and eggs), and a beach party that will prepare you for PIE’s new location in 2020.

Its not too late to register and spend a couple of days in balmy Chicago (temps will top out at 50 on Wednesday) and satisfy your hunger for all things parking. Our smorgasbord is cooked up just for you.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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