Parking Lot Role Models


Parking Lot Role Models

(Parking World writer Pete Goldin held forth on PW’s blog about movies and how they degradate our industry. His followup I thought should be shared with PT readers –JVH)

In my last blog, I exposed Hollywood’s character assassination of the car park, and I suggested that the movie makers present the public with some positive parking lot role models. My editor has asked me what I think this role model would be like. Here are a few of my cinematic parking visions:

– Well-lit spaces that discourage suspicious characters from lurking in the shadows.

– Open sight lines that do not leave spaces for bad guys to hide.

– CCTV and other security measures to keep patrons safe and minimize the urge to hold gun fights or kidnap unsuspecting patrons on the premises.

– Speed bumps to discourage high speed car chases.

– Practical signage and markings that allow people such as Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer to find their car in under 30 minutes.

The Supporting Cast:

– Friendly and helpful car park attendants who do not resemble zombies.

– Valets who are conscientious, and do not smash vehicles into each other and do not take joy rides in customer cars, screeching the tires as they race out of the lot.

– Security personnel in attendance, not sleeping, with attention paid to what is happening on that CCTV screen just over their shoulder.


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