Parking Meters Disappear


Parking Meters Disappear

The leaders of Muscatine, Iowa are looking for their missing parking meters. According to, nearly a dozen meters were stolen from the city’s downtown area and police have taken to Facebook to announce the loss and ask for help finding the meters or the culprits.

“While we understand that people may have mixed feelings about parking meters, the cost of replacing these items is very high,” the post said. “At the end of the day, this activity is costing the city thousands of dollars to replace and repair the damage.

Stealing a parking meter seems like a real waste of time to me. I could only come up with a few ideas for Muscatine police. Professional criminals aren’t likely. There can’t be that much money in there, so it’s doubtful the pay off would be worth the risk of the effort.

Teenagers could be to blame, but if it’s just punks staying out late making trouble, 12 is a lot of meters to take – one or two would be enough to call it a good prank.

Do-It-Yourselfers are a possibility. All this re-claimed and re-purposed decorating going on could include a need for decorative parking meters. Check the nearest cheesy boutiques.

Last but not least, a nearby town in need of its own meters. This is the one I’m going with.

Police asked anyone who might have information about the parking meter thefts to contact Muscating Police Lt. Hull or Officer Koch at 563-263-9922.

Read the article here.

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