Parking Operators – Here’s a way to increase revenue


Parking Operators – Here’s a way to increase revenue

A shopping mall in Queens went to the local print shop and ran off a number of “No Parking” signs and hung them on parking meters outside the entrance to their parking lot. They looked very much like the ones provided by the NYPD.

Read all about it here.

The justification is classic. We got the signs from the NYPD years ago when we needed to block of the parking to facilitate traffic flow, so rather than bother them, we just ran off our own.

The locals weren’t amused. It cost 75 cents to park and hour on street and $3 in the garage.

Of course this is the opposite of the way the market should work. The convenient on street spaces should be more than off street.

However if you are a garage owner and have the hutzpah to pull it off, this is a sure way to increase revenue. At least until they cart you off to jail.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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